Excerpt 1

The man entering the room fit the part of a sea captain. He stood over six feet, with a beard and hair darker than a raven’s wing. He wore a captain’s hat that looked like it had gotten run over by a truck and since then he had never taken it off or washed it. The scar running down his left cheek was only partially hidden by his beard. It was a good guess that the crew called him Black Jack behind his back. If he had a patch over one eye, he could have been a pirate captain.

Excerpt 2

Soon we were underway, into the black hole of this underwater tunnel. I had the feeling of Jonah being swallowed by the whale. We traveled at a reduced speed of five knots to be cautious of any dangers ahead. Our spotlights illuminated the interior surface walls and made them seem to have a glow of their own.

Excerpt 3

Whatever it was sounded big and was moving fast right toward us. Jackson was smart enough to know if it hunted at night and in the fog it must have light-sensitive eyes. He ordered me to go for the leg as he then stood in its path and threw a flash grenade that blinded it long enough for me to come close enough to take off its leg. When it went down, Jackson moved in to take the head off.